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Team Bird Elite is a running organization dedicated to developing young runners.

USATF# 16-0112


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Coach Bird

Coach Bird is a family first person who has been married to his bride for 28 plus years. Coach has three children Seth, Sam and Sarah. Coach was an Army veteran with 18 years of service, mostly in the Indiana National Guard retiring as a First Sergeant. Coach also spent a number of years working in the health care industry and hospitals. He left Biomet to help his wife in her business Running Around Screen Printing.

Team Bird

History of Team Bird has been around since 2003 starting as my son Sam's middle school team and progressing into what today we call Team Bird Elite. The name of Team Bird was coined while at the Huntington HUFF course as we disembarked the family Yukon XL and Mitch Harper/Ty Murphy remarked, “hey there is Team Bird.” The name stuck with the small middle school runners.

Our first official meet was the middle school state championships then held at Southwestern Parkway in south west Indianapolis at the park. We were made up of five Indian Springs and two DeKalb runners at that time. (They allow some mix teams for participation.) We were pretty bad that first year and quickly understood the time needed to compete. Later we entered our first USATF meet held at Indiana University on a very cold snowy day. At that point Team Bird gained momentum growing year to year, even starting the Elementary Championships as a means to recruit or as feeder to the Team Bird Club. At one point over 90 runners were members of the club covering every age division. One of our clubs highlight was our Intermediate age group in 2005 where Bobby Moldovan was the National Champion, and for many years after was the “poster runner of USATF youth web site” the famous foot in the water hole.

Since those early years many stories and friendships have come about, from members of the Team Bird Club. We now have many married alumni, countless post collegiate runners and still have those who run at collegiate today. Our facebook has an alumni section that we encourage past athletes, current runners, parents, and coaches to join. You can find it at Team Bird Current & Alumni.

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Coach: Gary Bird
Address: 670 W. Keiser Road Columbia City, IN 46725
Phone: 260-229-3324